HPC Wolverine
2000w - 5000w
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Product Description

It’s BAAACK! The beloved HPC Wolverine is back with a vengeance  This is the best bang for your buck performance machine in the industry.  With 150mm of travel front and rear standard with the RockShox Sektor front fork and Monarch RL shock in the rear, this bike offers plenty of plush performance in all types of terrain.  The highly adaptable frame design allows for an all-mountain 150mm of travel OR an optional 203mm front dual crown fork and 8″ of travel out back.  It is like having two frames in one!

The Wolverine is available in 2,000W-5,000W power levels with the standard hub motors for speeds up to 50 mph, as well as various mid drive options for true mountain performance. With an absolutely enormous space for batteries in the center of it’s high strength steel body, we can build you the long range 150+ mile (no pedaling) cruiser of your dreams or even the ultimate bow hunting set up for batteries that will last multiple days up in the high country.  The Wolverine is back, more adaptable than ever, and ready to take you on the ride of your life!



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