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2000w - 5000w Hub
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Product Description

The  HPC XC Series is handbuilt from the ground up here in the USA to be a tremendous value as well as a phenominal all around full suspension Mounain Bike. The XC Series is truly a no excuses high-end high performance Electric Mountain bike! These bikes feature a strong, lightweight aluminum frame with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes Rockshox front and rear AIR suspension Cane Creek headsets and quality and attention to detail second to none. The XC Series will deliver thrills in spades and sets the benchmark for what other electric bikes strive to be.

Brand new updated design frame bag that is now waterproof and fire retardent with its kevlar/nomex internal compartment! You have the option of fitting it with the half frame bag or the full frame bag that covers the entire central triangle.  It also features lockable storage, and is waterproof with dual YKK zippers on each side.  Also new is a much higher quality 10 speed 11-34T Sunrace freewheel that provides a 30 speed drivetrain for the XC-1 and XC-2.

Another exciting feature is the addition of the incredible Schlumpf High Speed Drive!  This amazing plantary geared crankset allows you to mulitply your sprocket size by 2.5x!  This means you can have a medium 34T sprocket click a button and immediately have the pedal power of an 85T crank.  This means you can actually pedal the bike and help the motor along at speeds up to 50 MPH (4000W+ systems).  It is truly an astonishing feeling! The Schlumpf High Speed Drive is standard on the HPC XC ELITE.

XC-1 The XC-1 is an amazing mid-level Full Suspension E-bike.  The feature set on this bike puts it in a class of its own and it truly is a bargain.  The XC-1 features front and rear Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with e-brake cutoff 4.7″ of frame travel a tapered RockShox XC-32 TK Solo Air suspension fork with lockout and 120mm travel SRAM X7 30 Speed drivetrain featuring matching X7 Shifters and Derailleurs front and rear a Cane Creek 40 series sealed cartridge bearing headset and a Truvativ crank and bottom bracket.  The XC-1 is available with power systems ranging from 1000W-4000W.  Compare this electric bike to any other on the market in this price range and it will obliterate it in both features and performance.

XC-2 The XC-2 is a high-end full suspension E-bike.  The XC-2 is a highly spec’d full suspension that delivers conquering performance whether on flat ground a bumpy single track or steep downhill descent.  The XC-2 features front and rear 180mm Tektro E-Comp hydraulic disc brakes with e-brake cutoff 5.5″ of frame travel a Rockshox Revelation RL Solo Air Suspension Fork with lockout and 150mm travel and a full 30 speed SRAM X9 drivetrain featuring matching X9 Shifters and Derailleurs front and rear a Cane Creek 40 series sealed cartridge bearing headset and a Truvativ Fireex crankset and GXP bottom bracket.  This is a fantastic buy for someone who craves a truly high end bike with unsurpassed quality and attention to detail. The XC-2 is available with power systems ranging from 1000W-5000W! As a new for 2014 option the 5000W system will deliver world beating power and acceleration and is the fastest commercial electric bike you can purchase (other than our own Revolution X!)The XC-2 is in another stratosphere compared with other commercial e-bikes.

XC ELITE The HPC XC ELITE represents the pinnacle of off-road performance. It is the ultimate cross country electric bike available at any price point.  This top of the line bike has literally every high end feature we could think of.  Every option is standard.  The XC Elite defines excellence and is the ultimate expression of luxury quality and craftsmanship.  If you are looking for the highest quality and one of the most most prestigous full suspension e-bikes you can buy this is it!  The XC ELITE comes standard with a genuine American 1050D Ballistic Nylon battery Frame bag for the utmost in strength and protection.  It features a 20 speed SRAM X0 drivtrain with matching shifters and derailleurs a RockShox Revelation XX tapered 150mm travel fork with XLoc Full Sprint a Monarch XX rear air shock  Cane Creek 110 series headset and a Schlumpf High Speed Drive planetary geared crankset and bottom bracket for the ultimate in high speed pedaling. The XC Elite’s XLoc Full Sprint system allows for a single push button hyrdaulic lockout of both the front air fork and rear air shock at the same time!  The Standard Schlumpf High Speed Drive allows for casual pedaling up to 50 mph and even allows you to push the motor a bit faster at high speeds with the pedaling force you generate!  It is an incredible feeling to be able to pedal and actually propel the bike with human input power at such high speeds.


What’s Included:

Frame: HPC XC-1/XC-2/XC ELITE (See Specs above).

Throttle: half twist throttle standard thumb throttle optional. Charger: Standard 2A Charger

Central Frame Bag: 1000 Denier Nylon Waterproof and Fire Retardant w/Kevlar and Nomex Quick Release Rear Rack Propulsion system- Optional rear rack/bag system (not ideal for offroad due to high center of gravity). High quality heavy duty stainless steel black 13g Swiss made tapered spokes- Standard

Power Package: 2000w-5000W Total Power Output Available! HPC offers a variety of power levels varying from 2000W-5000W for our XC Series Electric Bikes.  Our power levels are NOT a continuous rating of the motor itself.  It is the maximum system output (Voltage x Output current).

Motor:  “Striker” (high torque) “Thunderbolt” (speed) or “Black Lightning” (ultra high speed) motors.  The 2000W-3500W Systems see a beefed up motor system with 11mm wider Neodymium magnets/Stator and higher grade laminations along with heavy duty silver plated phase wires. The 4000W version is an air cooled motor with a wider stator and temperature sensors. The 5000W motor is wound specifically for 90V operation and features a 40mm stator/magnet stack and is air cooled with temperature sensors. Standard for all motors are 150A continuous gold plated phase connectors and a 100A rated gold plated battery and controller connections.

Battery: Li-NMC (1000+ cycle standard). Figure 3-5 years of useful life if taken care of.  The total cycles can be misleading based on usage.

Controller: Custom built 12-18 FET controllers.  2000W-4000W Controllers come with 12x IRFB 4110 Mosfets and 11g silver plated phase wires. 5000W Controllers come with 18x IRFB 4110 Mosfets.

Performance Stats:

2000W System: 27 MPH (Striker) 34 MPH (Thunderbolt) 40 MPH (Black Lightning). *Battery: 52V HPC ELITE Li-NMC 32 Mile Range Battery weight: 7.8 lbs Motor Weight: 15.9 lbs

2800W System: 33 MPH (Striker) 40 MPH (Thunderbolt) 45 MPH (Black Lightning). Battery: 63V High Performance Li-NMC 39 Mile Range Battery weight: 10.5 lbs Motor Weight: 15.9 lbs

3500W System: 39 MPH (Striker) 46 MPH (Thunderbolt). *Battery: 74V HPC Elite Li-NMC 48 Mile Range battery weight: 11.7 lbs Motor Weight: 15.9 lbs

4000W System: 44 MPH (Striker) 50 MPH (Thunderbolt). *Battery: 90V HPC ELITE Li-NMC 57 Mile Range battery weight: 13.4 lbs Motor Weight: 15.9 lbs

5000W System: 45 MPH (Striker) 52 MPH (Thunderbolt). *Battery: 90V HPC ELITE Li-NMC 57 Mile Range battery weight: 13.4 lbs Motor Weight: 16.9 lbs

**Range Estimates are a maximum figure based on FLAT ground no pedaling 170 lb. rider 18-20 MPH steady cruise with 12.5Ah upgraded battery system** THESE BIKES ARE MADE FOR OFFROAD USE ONLY! Please adhere to your local laws/regulations pertaining to electric bikes.  In most cases your bike can be made to comply with Federal on road limits of 750W/20 mph when used in conjunction with the optional cycle computer.

Total Weight:

~52 LBS (XC-1 w/1000W System and gearless motor and 37V HPC ELITE battery)

~59 LBS (XC-1 w/2000W System and gearless motor and 52V HPC ELITE battery)

~64 LBS (XC-1 w/4000W System and gearless motor 90V HPC ELITE battery)

Options (Order Guide)-

-Bike Component Package: XC-1 is a great mid level bike with components comparable to a $2000 Trek or Specialized pedal bike.  XC-2 is a high end bike comparable to a $3000 standalone Trek or Specialized Mountain Bike.  The XC-Elite is our signature bike and is the best of the best and comparable to some of the $4500 offerings from the major brands. As you move up to the higher level component packages, you get noticable improvements in suspension quality, crispness of shifting and overall ride quality.

– Frame Size: For riders 5’4 and under choose a small (15″ or 16″) frame.  For riders 5’5-6’1 choose a 17-19″ frame.  For riders 6’2+ choose a frame 21″ or higher.

-Power Package: Choose between 2000W-5000W for our XC Series Electric Bikes. 2000W is a great starting level and can handle medium hills and light to medium offroading.  2800W is a great all around power level.  3500W and higher systems are for the true high performance fanatics that want a thrilling experience in terms of acceleration and performance.

-Motor Type: “Striker” (high torque) “Thunderbolt” (speed) or “Black Lightning” (ultra high speed) motors.  Choose the Striker Motor for the best acceleration and highest torque for offroad riding.  Choose the thunderbolt for a great balance of torque and speed.  Choose the Black lightning (2000W-3500W only) for the absolute fastest wind suitable for flatter terrain.

-Battery Options: 10Ah is standard, 12.5Ah (recommended) is a $150 upgrade (well worth the extra 25% extra range), and HPC ELITE 13Ah is optional for the smallest, lightest, lowest impedence and highest performance battery we carry.

-Charger: 2A is standard and charges the 12.5Ah battery in about 6 hours.  The 4A and 6A chargers are optional and can charge in 3 hours or 2 hours, respectively.

-LCD Digital Bike Computer (Highly Recommended)- The Cycle Analyst V2.3 measures speed distance Ah usage Wh/mile instantaneous Amps Voltage and Watts. This will let you know exactly how much power you have left in your battery. It is an amazing device! For techies that want to delve into throttle manipulation and other advanced features we offer a pre programmed Cycle Analyst V.3. This option is mandatory for those of you who want to take your high performance offroad rides and legally ride them on road at 20 MPH and 750W.

-Lighting System- HPC ShadowCaster High Performance LED Lighting Systems.  These are custom designed incredibly bright lighting systems that we developed to be able to keep up with your high performance electric bike at high speeds in the darkness.  These lighting systems employ the latest premium bin Cree XML2 chips which are the most effecient LED’s currently on the market.  Coupled with our custom drivers and ultra high capacity panasonic 18650 batteries these lighting far outperform lesser systems at a lower price point.  Our 4000 Lumen ShadowCaster is currently one of the brightest bike lights available anywhere!

Additional Information

Bike Component Package

XC Elite Package, XC-1 Package, XC-2 Package

Frame Size

17” Medium Size Frames (5’3-5’7), 19” Large Size Frame (5’8-6’1), 21” XL Size Frame (6’2”+)

Power Package

4000W Power Package, 5000W Power Package, 2000W Power Package, 2800 W Power Package, 3500 W Power Package

Motor Type

HPC Black Lightning High Speed Motor, HPC Striker High Torque Motor, HPC Thunderbolt High Speed/Torque Motor

Battery Options

Add 25% More Range (12.5AH Li-NMC 50A Discharge), Add 30% More Range (HPC ELITE 13AH 60A Discharge, Standard Li-NMC (10AH Li-NMC)

Charger Option

Standard Charger (6 hours), Upgraded 4A Charger (3 hours), Upgraded 6A Charger (2 hours)

E-bike Diagnostic LCD Computer

Large LCD Diagnostics Bike Computer Display-CA V2.3, None


62 lbs


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