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HPC – Freedom
750w - 1400w Mid-Dr


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Product Description

Smooth, Silent, Powerful, Unbelievably Comfortable.  You will not believe how smooth and quiet the ride on this bike is. We believe this is truly the best buy in ALL of Electric Biking.  What you get is a bike carefully assembled here in the USA, using quality parts, to offer an unbeatable ride in terms of overall comfort and smoothness.  The powerful mid drive motor provides the best of both worlds that our competitors cannot match.  With this system, you get a high torque hill climber and a high speed cruiser all in one bike!  Compare this to any rear hub driven bike under $2000 and the HPC Freedom absolutely blows it away in hill climbing prowess and all out speed capabilities.  It is not even a fair comparison!

By utilizing the bikes gearing, this motor enables the rider to switch through the gears to conquer any situtation.  For long straightaways, put it into high gear and hit speeds of up to 30mph (with the 1200W/1400W power package).  When you encounter hills, just shift down into low gear and let the motor work its magic and chug you up seemingly insurmountable inclines. This bike has 9 pedal assist levels to allow you the perfect level of seemless assistance.  If you prefer, you can operate the bike with throttle only as well!

The standard Lithium NMC Battery is made up of the best 18650 cell batteries currently availble for electric bikes.  These are a special high drain and high capacity battery that is currently the best offering on the market for the 18650 format.

We cannot state enough how amazing this bike is for the price. We set out to deliver an outstanding quality bike at a price point most everyone can afford.  We believe this bike will set the standard for affordable e-bikes for some time to come.  From boardwalks, to nature trails, the Freedom will take you there in absolute comfort and silence so you can enjoy the world around you.  Hills will disappear and the miles will fly by. Welcome to pure e-biking bliss on the HPC Freedom!

Please swing a leg over this bike and compare it to the competition.  We urge you to compare smoothness, torque, overall fit and finish, hill climbing, top speed and price.  The more bikes you can ride before you get on the Freedom, the more you will be impressed with just how much value for the dollar you get with this bike.

We will be adding accessories such as racks, bags, and other items soon, so check back often!


Specifications:      750W                       1200W                             1400W

Top Speed:             25 MPH                   28 MPH                          32 MPH

Range:                23+ Miles (@18mph) 30+ Miles                  50+ Miles

Transmission:          7 Speed Shimano

Max Torque:       85 Lb-Ft. @wheels      105 lb-ft                       120 lb-ft

Peak HP:               1.0 HP @wheels           1.45 HP                        1.85 HP

Battery:                37V (429Wh)         48V (556Wh)              56V (965Wh)            

Charger:              2A standard                 2A standard                 4A upgraded

Pedal Assist:            9 levels + throttle only



Bike Component Package: Choose either the standard eXplorer with its solid component set OR shoot for the moon with the new eXplorer X with its top of the line Rockshox SID fork, Rohloff Speedhub, 180mm hyrdaulic disk brakes and other top of the line features.

Power Package: Choose your power package- 750W is 36V and street legal in every U.S. state.  1200W offers a huge boost in power and hill climbing and is street legal in pedal assist modes 1-3.  1400W is our most powerful system and comes with a special 905Wh battery for a no pedal range of up to 45 miles!

Battery Options: Choose your battery.  Standard is a 36V 11.5Ah for the 750W system, a 48V 11.5Ah for the 1200W system, and an 56V 17.4Ah battery for the 1500W system. If you want more range out of your 750W or 1200W system, you can choose from an optional 12.5Ah or a 17.4Ah battery system.


Additional Information

Weight 20.4117 lbs
Power Package

1200W Mid Drive, 1400W Mid Drive Package w/ 52v 17Ah Battery, 750W Mid Drive

Battery Options

Add 9% More Range/Better Performance (12.5AH Li-NMC, Frame Bag), Standard Battery (11.5AH, USB Port, Lockable) or (17Ah with 1400W system)


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